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Homeless men and women to find the Lord and to find themselves again by helping them get their life back or begin a new one with a fresh start. We help them become independent and stable


by offering various ways of saying no. This substance abuse prevention program includes teaching Young generation including students’ skills to resist peer pressure and other social influences. With high growth of young people dropping out of high school and influenced recreational drug use, program exist to discourage children, Youth and young people from engaging in illegal "War on Drugs" Just Say No" or with drugs and alcohol, their future is ruined, we educate the youth about drugs and alcohol abuse to bring awareness about the dangers of drug abuse such as health risks, career being robbed and consequences of jeopardizing their future, loss of jobs; some also commit a host of other crimes including domestic violence, assault, burglary, and identity theft. This effect is most evident jeopardize the safety of citizens and adversely affect the environment.


Reaching our community and connecting children and  families in a tangible and meaningful ways. There are children, Orphans, foster kids reconnecting and families in need we are a point of contact to connect and meet needs of those who need help. 

To inspire young generations to fulfill their vision by empowering them, promoting spirit of , creating opportunities, providing financial support, promote and protect human rights, and education services.


Provide care to the Elderly with no or low income such as room, board, companionship, housekeeping, transportation, prescription pick up, laundry,  and personal care assistance with daily living assistance


Resettlement: Meeting the basic needs for food, cultural transitioning, and legal rights in the early, critical stages of resettlement.  We help furnished their homes, help with rent, Legal services towards immigration residency and citizenship.


Economic Empowerment: Supporting, improving household livelihoods, financial security, teaching English language, Help building job, computer, and financial literacy skills adjusting immigration status, Civics/Citizenship, and family reunification.

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